Home remedies for tooth pain

Home remedies for tooth pain



Tooth pain  occurs in the tooth,  gum and the jaw area as a whole in severe cases.This pain could be mild,throbbing,or even excruciating. When you experience tooth pain, you barely can bite or chew and this might even take a toll on your appetite and concentration.You are always distracted at work or play,your mind is always on that problem area.

Home remedies for tooth pain


There are many possible causes of tooth pain which are :

  • Tooth decay

  • Cavities (tooth holes)

  • Lack of good oral hygiene

  • Teething or sprouting of Wisdom tooth

  • An injury in the tooth and the list endless.

We are going to look at some potent home remedies for toothache which are listed below.



1.BRUSH YOUR TEETH REGULARLY: Maintaining an excellent oral hygiene  is the best way to treat any  kind of tooth pain or decay. Always brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning and night  before going to bed.Germs causing cavity tend to thrive mostly at night on  a tooth  with food particles attached to it and  in a closed mouth.

Home remedies for tooth pain


2.CHEW MASSULARIA  ACUMINATA STEMS/PAKO IJEBU CHEWING STICKS : Massularia Acuminata Stems or  Pako Ijebu chewing sticks is a traditionally used herbs used as  chewing stick to improve oral health.It is commonly found in the tropical regions of West Africa countries like Nigeria (Yoruba land).Pako Ijebu is an Anti Gingivitis agent (it fights against a disease in which the gums becomes red,swollen and sore).The regular use of this chewing stick helps ro combat tooth pain,decay,cavities and mouth odour. You can infuse  the use of this amazing chewing stick into your daily Oral routine,chewing it every night before going to bed to improve your oral health generally.

Pako Ijebu/Massularia acuminata



3.CHEW NEEM LEAVES AND STEM/DONGO-YARO LEAVES AND STEM: Neem Tree also known as Dongo-Yaro Tree is called the “the tree of life”.This plant is used for the cure of of various ailment and diseases like malaria, highfever, diabetes,ulcer,intestinal worms, stomach upset,heart diseases,leprosy etc. However for the purpose of this studies ,chewing of Neem leaves or Dongoyaro stems will help prevent cavities,tooth pain,sore and bleeding gums(Giginvitis) and bad breath.Chewing of Neem stems or leaves can be a part of your oral hygiene routine for prevention and cure of any oral infections.

Neem leaves

Neem Stem


4.GARLIC TREATMENT: Garlic plant is known for its antifungal,antibaterial and anti inflammatory properties.See also home remedies for ringworm It’s of the onion family. For the treatment of tooth ache,blend garlic and apply the paste in the affected  area morning and night until the pain disappears.



5.TUMERIC POWDER: Tumeric plant is a highly medicinal plant,its of the ginger family see also home remedies for ringworm.It contains a powerful substance known as Curcumin which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Tumeric is also used for culinary purposes, it gives curry its color.For the purpose of this study ,we are going to look at how turmeric can be used to cure tooth pain .Get powdered turmeric, make a paste out of it ,by adding a little water.Then get a cotton ball ,and apply the turmeric paste with the cotton to the affected tooth or area ,morning and night till symptoms disappears.

Tumeric  Home remedies for tooth pain



5.LEMON/LIME TREATMENT:Lime and lemon  are highly medicinal citrus fruits,they help to fight germs and infections. see also home remedies for cough .Apply lime or lemon juice in the affected tooth with a cotton ball at least thrice a day especially before going to bed. Continue this treatment until pains disappears.

HOme remedies for tooth pain    Home remedies for tooth pain

LIME                                                                                              LEMON


6.SCENT LEAF(EFINRIN): Scent leaf also known as OCIMUM GRATISSUM is also a highly medicinal plant found in Asian and African countries ,see also home remedies for ringworm. This plant can also   be used to treat tooth pain,cavities and decay.Squeeze the the leaf and apply the juice and leaf in the affected area and shut mouth for about   30- 35 mins.Then remove the leaf, this could be done morning and night continue  with this administration until all symptoms disappears. www.legit.ng/1184023-health-benefits-scent-leaf.html

Scent leaf



7.BONE BROTH/BISCUIT BONE PEPPER SOUP: Bones and marrows of animals  are rich in essential vitamins and minerals like calcium,phosphorous,manganese etc. These minerals help make strong and healthy teeth and bones.Therefore a  bone broth or bone pepper soup is a nice remedy for tooth related problems.Get soft soft bones and marrows of animals and make a soup or broth out of them and drink soup regularly.This will also help provide your teeth with necessary nutrients for stronger teeth.So the next time you go to the market,visit a butcher’s shop and get soft and hard bones and prepare a pot of bone broth.

Bone broth



8.WASH MOUTH WITH BRINE/SALT WATER: Another good home remedy for tooth pain is rinsing mouth with brine/salt and warm water at least thrice a day.Salt helps to kill germs and diseases in the mouth.It makes the mouth unsafe for for bacterias to thrive.




9.RINSE MOUTH WITH HYDROGEN PEROXIDE DILUTED WITH WATER: Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic that can be used as a mouth wash to remove mucus  and alleviate mouth irritation. Wash mouth with hydrogren peroxide mixed with water in in the ratio 1:1 when you have tooth pain or decay.Hydrogen peroxide will  help  kill germs and heal the wound in the tooth or gum.

Hydrogen Peroxide





Home remedies for tooth pain




There will be need to see a dentist

(i)if your tooth pain is still quite severe after administering these home  remedies judiciously.

(ii)If you become feverish

(iii)when there is discharge of pus from the gum

(iv)general pain that lasts for more than  a day or two

(v)Severe swelling



`1. Always brush your teeth at least twice a day,morning and at night or use Chewing sticks like Pako   Ijebu and Dongo yaro  stick morning and night

2.Always set good exmples for you children by making sure you adhere to No. 1

3.Always take lots of fruits and and vegetables.

4.Make sure you avoid biting food too hot,cold or hard

5.Brush immediately you eat foods like candies,chocolate and sweets.(avoid them if you can)

6.Avoid using your tooth as an opener for bottled drinks


Please feel free to  leave your  comments and suggestions below.



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