You are welcome to YOUR CHILD IS FIRST BLOG. An online editorial about  children ,”Our  jewels of  inestimable value.” They are gifts every one whether black or white ,rich or poor strong or weak pray for someday in their lives. We at YOUR CHILD IS  FIRST  BLOG,  will look out for your child’s Safety, Health ,Education and also look at the best  ways to take care of  these God given gifts as Parents,Guardians and Educators(Good parenting). We are living in  a world where anything goes.The children we are meant to love ,mentor physically, mentally, socially and spiritually are now the objects of trafficking ,kidnapping,rape,torture,horror and abuse.These mishaps  sometimes occur under our very noses ,at homes,schools,market places and at the world at large.

     Our children are vulnerable ,tender and impressionable ,therefore must be channeled  on the right path early in life.Like the adage goes,”show me a child,and i will show the leaders of tomorrow.”

  YOUR CHILD IS FIRST BLOG  is here  to be the voice of these leaders of tomorrow and like i would always say…YOUR CHILD IS FIRST !! .


I was born and I grew up in Lagos Nigeria. I hail from Etsako East Local government  in Edo state. I am an  Alumna of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma and Lagos State University Epe respectively.Bagging an  honours degree in Computer science and a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate in Education respectively at both institutions .I also have a proficiency certificate in Management,from Nigeria Institute of  Management chartered.(NIM).

Worked  briefly in an Insurance firm and a Micro finance bank  as a Customer Service Executive respectively because I had flair for  people’s management.Later on this same flair drove me into being an Educationist. I have been a seasoned teacher for many years and I have been a teacher to tots,middle schoolers ,teenagers and even to adults and now also a Web Content Manager, Public Speaker,a  Life style blogger and a digital marketer !!









Little black children

school children

Little children in a classroom

school children on the assembly ground


A happy family

Female boarders